- MEMO 5 / SEP 2015 - Understanding where it starts and how far the UM catalog goes was something that took time to reveal. Defining ourselves according to what we did not want to be turned out to be the most efficient: not a decoration store, not a design boutique, not a findings store, not an antique dealer, not a curiosities space, not a bazaar or a craft trade? No, none of them. We found that all of our objects of interest had factors in common: They were "common" despite the redundancy, they were associated with traditional trades and/or daily tasks and chores. They all lived between the industrial and the artisanal, they were mass-produced objects using machinery but with the skill and talent of a craftsman; done with ingenuity, skill or in some cases even with brute force. This universe of simplicity, in our way of understanding the moment, gave a particular spirit to each thing, it provided life and personality through small differences that made them imperfect and beautiful.

Utilitario Mexicano. 5th anniversary

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