In Mexico, we like to add lemon to everything. Lemon on tacos, in water, in soup, in quesadillas, and even on wounds. The citrus flavor of lemon is an indelible mark in Mexican culture, so when life gives you heat and lemons. Enjoy it with a limoncello and give and italian twist to this aztec classic.

Limoncello Margarita

Let the vacation enter your body with each sip

The Margarita is the most famous cocktail, not only in Mexico but also the most ordered cocktail worldwide. In this version, orange liqueur is replaced with limoncello, resulting in the perfect mix of tequila, lemon liqueur, lemon juice, ice, and salt.

The cocktail can be prepared in various ways: neat (chilled with ice and then strained), frozen Margarita (blended with ice), or on the rocks (over ice).

Regardless of the style, it is usually served in a margarita glass characterized by its rim rubbed with lemon and then rimmed with salt or sugar. Some say the inventor of the cocktail is Carlos Danny Herrera, who supposedly created it in 1938 in Mexico for Marjorie King, a dancer allergic to almost all spirits except tequila, while others claim it owes its name to Margarita Cansino, also known as the famous actress Rita Hayworth.


  • 30 ml Limoncello
  • 30 ml Tequila or Mezcal
  • 25 ml Lemon juice
  • A touch of syrup
  • Ice and Salt
  • Green lemons


  • Rim the glass with salt
  • Add tequila or mezcal and limoncello to the shaker
  • Pour in plenty of ice, lemon juice, and syrup
  • Shake it and serve it in the glass or glass
  • Add a little more lemon

And... Salud!

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