- MEMO 4 / AUG 2015 - (This is not a vase.) The plastic vase from a pantheon or cemetery was in various aspects the first unique and significant object that revealed several keys within the idea of the Utilitario Mexicano. A useful object, made in Mexico, functionalist and with multiple uses or lives that in this case go through a vase, a trash can, a pot, a container, a bucket or a container for what it is used for...

At first glance, the abundant plastic burrs and flashes at the cast joint fool no one. It will not deceive even the mere inhabitant of the same grave where it will perch for the rest of eternity. A popular, economical design with elegant Porfirian-style ornamentation that exceeds all expectations in performance. It can be found all over the Jamaican market in a wide variety of pastel shades of yellow, lilac, green, pink, neon red, blue, or the classic off-white.

the vase, generates a mismatch problem that required an explanation when it was integrated into the UM catalog. First there is "the vase" as a symbol of decoration and also as the most delicate and fragile object in an average house. Then there is this vase: the pantheon vase that is indestructible on a day-to-day basis. The problem is solved by itself without the need for explanation as an axiom: We named “The eternity vase”.

Utilitario Mexicano. 5th anniversary

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