MEMO 8 / JUNE 2023 - HAND FANS -

The origin of the fan is lost in the depths of time. Its ingenious design and practical function make it an irresistible object that transcends any era. From Japanese geishas to the elegant women of 18th-century Spain, and even the thrilling stage of drag culture, the fan has a connection to spirituality and aesthetics. It has been used in ceremonies, dance, and theater, serving as a secret language between lovers and an extension of the body that enhances performance and transformation.

In Mesoamerica, the palm fan reflects skill and artisanal ability, with beautiful patterns woven into its structure. Besides being a tool for refreshing oneself and relieving heat, in many indigenous traditions, it is considered a sacred object associated with communication with the gods, seeking protection, and connecting with the divine.

Back in the 1980s, we have Locomía and their mega-hit self-titled song as one of the most notable Queer moments of the pre-2k era.

Locomía became an icon of the time, defying conventional norms of gender and fashion. Their vibrant presence on stage and synchronized choreographies were a visual spectacle that seduced and enamored millions of fans worldwide. Although their success was concentrated in the 1980s, their impact on pop culture, fashion, and music is undeniable. They brought a fresh and daring approach to the music scene, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to influence artists to this day.


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