- MEMO 8 / APR 2023 - On a Flying Sandwitch press, the failed #alieninvasion and the unique melted cheese sandwich.

The "Platillos voladores" takes you on a journey through the sense of taste. You don't need to be an astronaut to pilot this spaceship in your kitchen, with a little technique, a lot of cheese and some butter, you can make the perfect sandwich, one of those with perfectly melted cheese and crispy, golden bread for that touch of butter on its surface.
From the pre-appliance era, this rustic sandwich maker is a utensil that takes you back to basics, you don't need electricity or plugs, just direct fire and your culinary skills and voila. Now that's cooking with style! So if you have one in your kitchen or remember one at your mom's or grandma's house, rescue it and take care of it. You won't find it again.



We pay tribute to this missing intergalactic artifact,
with this 5 second film by Gray México for Utilitario Mexicano

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