Design, like music, is something that does not need to be explained in words. Humans are designed to appreciate design. We need no previous explanation. Of course, the form-function debate is arbitrary and cultural. Already the eight-month-old boy has decided that the blue sphere serves its purpose better to test his gums than the yellow cube. Without explanation.

 The products of Utilitario Mexicano face us with another innate certainty: the things that serve us the most are the simple ones. Simpler things reveal more clearly its purpose. A candid look at the UM. catalog recreates a sense of familiarity with shapes, colors and materials that we know very well even though we have not been very aware of it. These products together also suggests thoughts that the advertising noise does not let us see: there is no need to buy something we do not need. We can live with few things, as long as they are accurate. Things can fulfill several functions and in it is nobility. Shopping with intelligence is also an appreciation of beauty. That is, in the end, the nature of the design.

What is Utilitario Mexicano? It is an alphabet under construction of simple, useful and beautiful objects that have traditionally been part of Mexican life. It is an endless search for utensils and objects in danger of extinction that make up a collection of "creole" artifacts, somewhere between the industrial and the artisan. It is a brand that portrays our country, their homes and its history.

 About the objects. Utilitario Mexicano has over 1,500 singular objects in this collection, each with its uses and history, chosen for some particular reason, whose common feature is its usefulness. Products that were not made to be forgotten or to be replaced soon, but were made with the firm purpose of lasting. Manufactured in blacksmithing, carpentry, lathe and ceramic workshops, these objects survive with the imprint of uniqueness that makes each one different, and imperfectly beautiful and valuable.

 They are classified by material, by use, by color, by chronology or by subjective harmony. The catalog includes: funnels, pitchers and enamel tableware, aluminum juice extractors, tortilla presses, copper teapots, weights, metal fruit bowls, various light bulbs, desk bells, serving spoons, baskets, bottles, water dispensers, mortars, graters, stove sandwich toasters, openers, mills, nutcrackers, extension cords and plug-ins, among many others.

 About us. Utilitario Mexicano is a partnership of Libia Moreno and Enrique Arellano, dedicated to searching, choosing and selecting Mexican objects: how many there are, who makes them, what are their middle and small traders. A tireless work of street curators devoted to dust off artifacts from yesteryear and forever.

Where are we?

UM. Store: Calle Marsella 3a. Colonia Juarez.
Mexico City +52 (55) 5035 8164 Map
Billing: facturas@utilitariomexicano.com
Wholesale: wholesale@utilitariomexicano.com

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