Utilitario Mexicano. Marsella 3a Colonia Juarez.
CP. 06600 Mexico City. Tel. +52 1 55 4454 2252

Request and Contact: wholesale@utilitariomexicano.com

Wholesale minimun order: $300 USD. (Shipping not included.)
Handle and packaging fee: $15 USD. per box.
Shipping costs runs on the buyer.

Possible losses of goods and damages runs on the buyer. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Returns Policy: Exceptions apply.

Resale price on phisical store. Not restricted.

Online resale price limited to these pharameters:
A. Suggested resale price: (wholesale price / number of units included)*(1.8)
B. MAX resale price: (wholesale price / number of units included)*(2.8)

Sell online: By reselling UM online credited UM at the description of each product.

Delivery time: If stoked, it will take around 10 working days from the shipping date.

Wholesale stocks: Wholesale orders are taken under pre-order model, this means that if we run out of stocks, the order needs to be collected or produced. Production takes 45 working days.

Out of stock / Not available items: In the case you place an order with some unavailable items, we’ll give you options to replace them, if we can not reach your expectactions, we’ll proceed with a partial or a total refound depending on the remaining balance of goods you may choose.

Order confirmation: Within the first 7 days, both buyer and seller commit themselves to maintain a fluid and constant communication to define possible adjustments and changes. If after this period the buyer has not confirmed the final order, the UM will cancel the order and refund the buyer the amount paid.

Order cancelation: An order can be canceled at no cost to the buyer within the first 7 days.

After this period, penalty fee can apply to the buyer; commissions charged by thirs party market place and/or financial institutions. These costs can not be refounded by UM or refuted by the buyer.

Cancelation penalty 12%: When an order has been previously confirmed.

Taxes and customs: The Buyer is responsable for taxes or any possible customs fees at destination.