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They say we are what we eat. If that is true, then the city where we live and the streets where we move would inevitably have to be a map that would allow us to trace our character, our tastes, our passions and obsessions, our purest essence. The new printed edition of Local, gastronomy special, is that kind of portrait or culinary cartography. In its pages, readers will find a selection of chronicles, stories in which the flavors and the characters behind them are the protagonists. We also chose what for LOCAL.MX is the best of this year.

We not only touch the realm of food, but also art, nightlife and shopping. From classics to classics to novelties that just opened their doors, here we collect what has made us celebrate life in one of the most chaotic and wonderful cities on the planet. This guide is not only for gastronomic inspiration, but it is also a small tribute to all those who feed us every day and make this city one of the most flavourful corners of the planet.

Author: Various. Genre: Mexico City Guide. Publication year: 2019
ISBN: 978-607-7847-82-3 Spanish Language
Size: 17 x 24 cm. 256 pp. each Printed in Mexico by Travesías Editores