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The Jilguero Bench is the result of a collaboration between architect Oscar Hagerman and Canto Artesanos. For Hagerman, the chair is the smallest form of architecture. It was this object that brought him closer to those who have nothing and changed his perspective as an architect. His work stands out for its simplicity, the use of local materials, and a design grounded in everyday life. His work exemplifies how architecture can become a powerful force for social good by addressing the needs of rural areas, which are at the core of his architectural practice. Hagerman demonstrates that architecture is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing structures but also about generating a positive impact on the communities it serves. With his focus on everyday life and the ability to respond to the specific needs of each community, Hagerman stands out as an architect committed to creating spaces that improve quality of life and strengthen social fabric.

The Jilguero Bench was designed from a single piece of wood, showcasing its elegant simplicity and organic form. It not only offers comfort but also represents a sustainable option as it is crafted without waste. Inspired by the jilguero, a Mexican songbird, this bench bears its name, and its design is inspired by the beauty of its feathers. In its making, it displays the meticulous craftsmanship of talented Mexican artisans.

Handmade wooden bench in Mexico by Canto Artesanos.
Author: Oscar Hagerman
Wood options: 1. Oak, 2. Encino, 3. Tzalam, 4. Pine.
Seat options: 1. Woven tule vegetable fiber, 2. Cotton ribbon weaving, 3. Nylon ribbon.
Measurements: Height 18 in. Seat 18 x 18 in depth.
Weight: 11 lb.

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