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Hand-woven baskets with palm leaf. Set includes: Two baskets. Material: Palm leaf. Sizes: Large 41 x 40 x 43 cm. 1.2 kilos / Boy 34.5 x 34.5 x 38.5 cm. 850 g. Gross combined weight: 2 kilos. Origin: Guerrero, Mexico. Handmade.

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In Mexico palm leaf weaving is a tradition. Throughout history we have seen its strength and flexibility characteristics taken advantage of in the development of a long list of products that are extremely useful in everyday life. Although the raw material is easily accessible, the incomparable value of each hand-woven palm handicraft is precisely the work involved in making the designs, in discerning between what type of fabric will be used, or in determining the technique to be used, since the integrity, duration and use of the crafts that are made depend on these factors. The different fabrics and techniques are learned from generation to generation, preserving part of our culture in them.

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