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Singular object. Set 3 templates Mecanorma Script Classic

Script fonts are beautiful typefaces that resemble handwriting and calligraphic lettering styles. They have a formal and elegant appearance. Script fonts can also be connected, semi-connected or disconnected. This refers to the "pen flow" that exists between each letter. Connected fonts are designed with a careful approach to ensure that each letter flows into the next organically and continuously. This type of fonts is mainly used in invitations, securities and monograms.

Includes 3 Letterpress Templates Catalog PF284, PF285 AND PF286. Book Condition: 5 out of 5. Designer: Unknown. Made in Mexico by Mecanorma. Circa: 1980.

Mecanorma at the time had one of the largest font collections with more than 400 ranges of transferable Letter-Press alphabets. The Versailles France based company along with its British counterpart Letraset became the standard in the graphic industries and monopolized the market during the second half of the 20th century. "Perfect definition of contours and absolute opacity, essential for reproduction and photographic applications" they announced in their catalog No.12 in the mid-1980s, already being the time of the first series of Macintosh computers that would forever transform industries graphics.

From 1989 to 1994, Mecanorma worked with another company to create digital versions of their typefaces along with Monotype who licensed and digitized some of the typefaces. In 1995, Mecanorma withdrew from the professional graphics market and delved into other areas of design. In 2004, International TypeFounders (ITF) licensed the typefaces in digital format and released them as the "Mecanorma Collection". This helped preserve one of the best font libraries in history. In 2014, International TypeFounders entered into a permanent agreement with Mecanorma's legal successor, becoming the exclusive owners of the digital rights to the collection worldwide.