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In DEEFE, where the sun shines bright,
And the heat can be felt with all its might,
There's a fruit that's cool and creamy too,
And its name is Avocado, oh so true.

Its versatility can be used to confirm,
That the flavors of Mexico are truly unique,
And with avocados, they've reached their peak.

In the cantinas and fondas, you can see,
Guacamole, salsas, and smoothies with glee,
And the locals enjoy it, with a sense of pride,
For it's a fruit that they hold dear inside.

So let us savor, this fruit that's so warm,
That's a symbol of Mexico, with all its charm,
Rather than concrete buildings, it won't crack and fall apart,
And it fills us with joy, from the very start.

Poem model created by ChatGPT edited by Utilitario Mexicano

Product description: Classic / Regular cut. Soft and fine brushed inside. Material: Polyester. 50% Cotton. 50% Sizes: S, M, L, XL. Weight: 400g. Printed in Mexico by Utilitario Mexicano.

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