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6-sided multifunctional drawer with handles. This simple wooden cube is one of the most versatile tools for work and home use, it serves as a chair to sit on, as a bench to reach something, as a table to support or as a platform to raise.

Originally created for the fruit industry in the 1920s. It was designed to be a storage container for apples that could be easily transported and stacked. In the 1930s the "applebox" began to be used in the film industry by cinematographers to raise the height of the camera and create different angles of a shot. As the film industry evolved, the apple cube became a versatile and practical accessory for the film set, where it was used by different areas of film and television production, such as lighting, sound, props, and arts and crafts. . Today it is an object that we find in different shops and homes due to its great useful value.

Origin: Made in Mexico
Material: 12 mm caliber plywood, with a natural finish.
Size: 43 x 43 x 27cm.

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*Imagen final Le Courbusier Cabannon. 1951 Cap Martin, Francia

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