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Seasonal Product: Save an additional 10% on the purchase of this set. Set includes 7 plates. (1 CUP M5 CM, 1 CUP M8, 1 SAUCE DISH M8, 1 BOWL M14, 1 PLATE M22, 1 PLATE M24, AND 1 PLATE M28). Material: Porcelain-coated steel enamelware. Made in Mexico for Utilitario Mexicano.

About enamelware: The durability of enamelware allows its use in any situation. Suitable for household use, daily use in restaurants, and countryside use during camping. Refractory material suitable for baking and/or refrigerating. Chemical resistant. Fire-resistant. Does not retain odors or residues. Inhibits the development of bacteria. Stronger than ceramic and glass. Does not lose its color. Sustainable material. Non-toxic. Reusable and recyclable for melting. Please refer to the usage and care guide for more information.

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