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Material: Volcanic stone. Diameter Sizes: 10cm (3.9" in.) 13cm (5.11" in.) 15cm (5.9" in.) 18cm (7.1" in.) 21cm (8.2" in.) Handmade in Mexico.

The molcajete is a traditional Mesoamerican mortar and pestle, widely used in Mexico. It is used to grind or crush foods, such as grains, spices, and vegetables, intended for the preparation of sauces and other dishes. To grind the ingredients, a stone cylinder called tejolote or commonly referred to as a molcajete stone is used. The molcajete should not be confused with the metate, which is used to grind corn. Volcanic stone has a porous texture and low hardness, offering infinite possibilities for carving and cutting.The volcanic stone comes from the magma or lava inside a volcano that, when it reaches the cold surface, quickly turns into stone. 

Use & Care. Molcajete

We recommend following these care instructions to extend the life of your volcanic stone molcajete, mortar, or griddle:

First use, preparation, and seasoning: Wash the utensil thoroughly inside and out with hot water and soap. Use a brush or sponge and then allow it to air dry. Once it's completely dry, grind a small amount of raw white rice and coarse salt on the object's surface until you obtain a fine powder. Do this by rotating the utensil on its base while applying pressure with the pestle and against the walls. Try to cover the entire interior surface to soften both the molcajete and the pestle. Then, wash it with water only and let it dry. If grinding leaves a grayish odor or stone residue, repeat the process until the grayish color is gone.

Maintenance: Wash it with hot water and a brush only; avoid using soap or detergents. Dry it with a paper towel before storing.

Use: It is suitable for stovetops, ovens, and open flames but is not suitable for microwaves or dishwashers.

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