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"Jerga" is the name for cleaning cloth in Mexico. The unique weave used to make this item makes it extremely resistant and durable. Jerga is a multipurpose cleaning cloth, although its primary use in Mexico is for floor cleaning.

About Jerga: The Real Academia Española defines "Jerga" as "thick and coarse fabric." In Mexico, particularly, this term is used to refer to a textile that began to be produced in colonial times by Spanish entrepreneurs in makeshift workshops to meet the demand for low-cost clothing and materials for transporting products and fruits. These mills and workshops, which used cotton as the raw material, experienced significant growth in the states of Puebla and Tlaxcala, underpinning what would become the predominant economic activity in this region of the country in the following centuries.

To manufacture jerga, "cotton waste" is used. These cotton wastes are unsuitable for clothing production because of their short fibers, which are very adherent to the seeds after ginning. The wastes undergo a process of cleaning, combing, carding, and spinning before they become a textile. Jerga is an absorbent and very resistant cloth with a coarse weave and hemmed edges to prevent fraying.

A Surf Icon: In the 1970s, jerga ceased to be a common household item and became a star accessory in the California surf community. This change was due to surfers visiting the beaches of Baja California to surf on the Mexican coasts. The need to dry off and stay warm on cold coastal nights led tourists to acquire the coats known in Mexico as "jerga" hoodies. Foreign surfers called them "the Baja sweater," Baja Hoodie, Baja-style Hoodie, Hippie Hoodie, or Poncho Baja, and since then, the garment has been embraced by various urban subcultures.

Set includes 3 cleaning cloths.
Size: 55 x 80 cm (21.6 x 31.4 in).
Material: 100% raw, unprocessed cotton fiber.
Weight for all three combined: 550 grams.
Made in Mexico.

Use & Care. Raw Cotton

Products woven from raw cotton fiber are prone to shrinking by up to 20%.

Even pre-washed garments behave this way. Cotton fibers have little elasticity, so it is advisable not to use a dryer and instead air dry to counteract this natural effect on the fiber and fabric.

The more you use them, the less the shrinkage effect will be between each use and wash, significantly improving their absorbent capacity. Wash separately to avoid lint traces on other garments.

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