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"Each piece emerges from a patient and contemplative process, where the design serves as a guide and the material offers options, where the veins enhance even richer and subtler details that the initial design possibly did not consider."
-José Porras

The pieces from the collector's series are a continuation of a first collection from 2017 called "Concave and Convex." The series comprised forty spoons and 20 paddles hand-carved by artist José Porras from five ancient pieces of American walnut, polished with beeswax. Today, each piece continues to be crafted from various leftover sections of fine or antique woods, following the methodology outlined in the original series.

Unique Item:
Material: Various woods.
Variable sizes.
Between 15 and 30 cm / 5.9 to 11.8 in.
Author: Jose Porras.
Origin: Mexico City.

Requires special care and preparation.

Use & Care

First Use

Conditioning: A term we hear hundreds of times but rarely put into practice. This step of covering with a few drops of oil is essential and should be repeated after a few months to nourish the wood, ensuring it remains in good condition.

The drops of oil that coat its surface act as a protective barrier, preventing the wood from absorbing water and helping it maintain its shine and original color.

Conditioning steps: Wash with water and soap. Dry with a towel. Air out completely outdoors. Apply a final layer of food-grade mineral oil or natural beeswax over the entire surface. Rub with a towel to allow the oil to penetrate the wood. It is not recommended to use cooking oil. Let it dry for 24 hours without touching. Wipe to remove excess oil.


Wash: There is no simpler method to wash wooden kitchen utensils than using hot water to soften any residue and a sponge with soap to scrub the surface, removing all dirt.

Avoid soaking: Some preparations tend to stick more than others, leading us to soak them to ease cleaning. Unfortunately, moisture is their main enemy as it encourages microbial growth.

Hand Wash: Dishwashers, with their temperature changes and humidity, cause wood to expand, crack, and foster bacterial and fungal growth.

Drying: Moisture is wood's arch-enemy, so after each wash, dry thoroughly with a towel and allow them to air dry.

Maintenance: Regularly oil using a towel and oil. Store in a dry place.

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