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This is a book with 50 icons proposed by the inhabitants of the city and voted on the internet. They are places with which the citizens of the capital identify, living settings in which hundreds of stories pass daily and which remain in the collective imagination as a selection of the most beautiful things in Mexico City. Ten renowned illustrators were in charge of representing and projecting a look at these places that are part of the identity of each of the capital's residents. Playful and reflective, the images reveal the experience of their own authors with each place. The texts, in line with them, derive from that maxim that dictates that a city is also the spirit with which one lives.

Texts: León Plasencia Illustrators: Alejandro Magallanes, Andonella, Amanda Mijangos, Armando Fonseca, Bef, Diego Huacuja. Genre: Travel Publication year: 2016 ISBN: 978-607-7847-68-7 Language: Spanish / English Size: 23 x 30 cm. / 122 Pages Printed in Mexico by Travesías Editores