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Lechuguilla fiber is another natural treasure of Mexico. Unlike henequen, primarily cultivated in the Yucatan Peninsula, lechuguilla thrives more abundantly in northern Mexico, particularly in desert states. Lechuguilla fiber tends to be coarser and more resilient than henequen. It's used to create sturdy and long-lasting ropes and in traditional artisanal products like brushes, mats, and woven bags. Often, lechuguilla is favored for its toughness and is an integral part of the culture and craftsmanship in Mexico's desert regions.

Large scrubbing brush.
Use: Bathroom and household cleaning.
Material: Lechuguilla vegetable fiber.
Pine wood.
Size: 40 x 9 cm / 15.75 x 3.54 in.
Weight: 110 g / 0.24 lb.
Handmade in Mexico.

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