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Singular Piece. Handwoven blanket crafted on a backstrap loom by artisan Petra Rivera Estrada, in Hueyapan, Morelos. This unique piece is composed of two joined canvases that celebrate traditional techniques and the expertise of a skilled artisan.

The backstrap loom is assembled by tying the warp ends to two wooden sticks called 'enjulios,' which support the weaving and define its width. The upper end of the loom is tied to a tree while the other end is secured around the weaver's waist using a 'mecapal,' a type of belt that the weaver fastens around their waist to tension the loom. Through a constant back-and-forth of alternate threads, rectangular canvases are created, widened through unions or rounds.

The basic shapes of the designs represent anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, and phytomorphic figures. These garments are works of art that encapsulate the ideology and worldview of the weavers, conveying a cultural expression of the community to which they belong.

Material: 100% sheep's wool.
Stripe Dye: Natural indigo dye.
Size: 124 x 236 cm / 49 x 93 in.
Weight: 2 k /4.4 lbs.
Technique: Backstrap loom.
Production Time: 2 months.
Origin: Hueyapan, Morelos.
Artisan: Petra Rivera.
Made in Mexico.

Requires special care.


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