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Libro Unión Para Todos - (Union For All Book) - Stories of community and mezcal. Measurements: 27.2x20.5x2.3cm. Weight: 981g. 1st Edition, Hardcover, Spanish. ISBN: 978-84-18342-58-5

The first surprise navigating the captivating history of Mezcal Unión has to do with the business model designed against the current trends of corporate hyper-capitalism: upon encountering a neglected environment (that of the Oaxacan countryside), a latent ancestral knowledge (that of the mezcal), Unión based its expansion platform on community development, the reestablishment of collective work processes and the dignity of farm work. The audacity of embarking on a route towards a totally unknown territory represents the lucky star of this story, which began with a journey in which an old man with wisdom told four friends that if there is a proverb of urgent importance in which the times that run, is the one who says "Union is strength."