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About "Bruñido" Burnishing: It's a pre-Hispanic technique that involves sealing the pores of ceramics, making them waterproof and giving the material a polished appearance. It is commonly used in vases, flower pots, and ceramic projects, enhancing their functionality and touch.

Ceramists can use various tools for burnishing, such as wooden sticks, stones, bones, or seeds. Also, glass or metal balls. For successful results, burnishing is done when the piece is in a leather-hard state, not too wet or too dry, preventing deformations and breakage during the process. The ceramic piece is fired at less than 1000 degrees to preserve the burnished shine. At higher temperatures, maintaining the shine becomes more challenging. Burnishing remains intact, sealing the clay's pores. Burnishing is a complex technique that demands the experience and knowledge of skilled potters, enabling the creation of beautiful ceramic pieces cherished worldwide.

Singular object. "Bruñido" burnished clay salt cellar made by Artesanas Yasen, a group made up of women from Agua Mezquite, Puebla.
Material: Hand burnished clay. 
Size: 5 x 5 x 6.5 cm.
NET weight: 86 gr.
Handmade in Mexico.

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