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Singular piece. Long sarape made by the artisan Petra Rivera Estrada from Hueyapan, Morelos, with the traditional technique of waist loom.

This fabric is made up of two joined pieces, the width of which corresponds to that of the artisan's own waist, thus leaving her signature on this piece. It was spun by hand and took a process of five dyed with indigo to get its final blue hue.

A unique piece, the result of more than five months of dedication and hard work, which celebrates traditional techniques and the talent of an expert artisan.

The waist loom is assembled by tying the ends of the warp to two pieces of wood or sticks called enjulios that support the fabric and define the width. The upper end of the loom is tied to a tree, while the other is held at the waist with a tumpline, a type of sash that the weaver holds at her waist to tighten the loom, in a constant coming and going of alternating threads.

Rectangular canvases come out of the loom that are widened by means of unions or rounds. They are made up of two groups of threads: the warp, which are the vertical threads that define the length and width of the fabric, and the weft, the threads that lie horizontally with the warp.

The basic forms of the designs are the representation of anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and phytomorphic figures, these garments are works of art that treasure the ideology and worldview of the weavers, and transmit a cultural expression of the community to which they belong.

Composition and Care: Unique piece handmade by Petra Rivera Estrada, in Hueyapan, Morelos. Craft technique: waist loom. Production time: 5 months. Material: 100% sheep wool. Size: 100 x 210 cm. approx / 760g. Care: Hand wash cold. Do not use whitener.

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