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For those who enjoy a coffee of good origin.

Editor's presentation: "There is a text in this magazine in which the author tells how she grew up drinking pot coffee at home, dipping sweet bread. Surely you, like us, will identify with that anecdote. Some drank pot coffee when children, others drank Nescafé with milk, some of us drank it secretly and others sat at the family table to soup a shell sweat bread.The bond with coffee is born in childhood and is full of memories: the pot on the dining room table, the smell. the chipped cup, the filter coffee maker, for the youngest, the first in a disposable cafeteria cup.

That relationship evolves over the years. We pride ourselves thinking that we have learned to drink it: we no longer put sugar in it or we prefer it without milk, some grind it at home and others have invested in a collector's coffee maker.

When we started planning this first issue of Café Aficionado, we thought about people who, like us, appreciate a good cup for its flavor and aroma, and we finished the edition certain that there is no such thing as the perfect cup of coffee. We learned that there is no correct way, nor more or less educated, to drink coffee. The best is the one that one likes; the correct preparation is the most practical or the one that adjusts to the time and place. It is true, there are preferable ways to prepare it, but the most desirable is the one that one enjoys, because it accompanies a good read, spices up a conversation with a friend in distress, or is the perfect digestif at a family meal.

There is no perfect coffee, but there is a special one: that of non-exploited, sustainable producers; the one that is cultivated with processes to save water and take care of the soil; the house one prepared with small details that highlight its flavor; or that of coffee shops with doctorate baristas in their preparation.

And that is what we want to dedicate ourselves to, exploring the world of coffee with you, telling you about the work behind each cup, the new processes or ways of drinking it, the small additions to make it at home, the characters that during decades or generations have cultivated or roasted what we drink, and those who are coming to innovate in this industry. Café Aficionado wants to accompany and be a promoter of the perfect cup for each drinker, the tastiest coffee, the best companion, the most sustainable, respectful of the environment and of those who produce, process and serve it and, of course, of who take"

Language: English and Spanish.
Size: 17x24x1 cm.
NET Weight: 328g.
VOL weight: 85g.
Circulation: Quarterly.
Printed in Mexico by Travesías Editores
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