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LP / ALEXANDRE BAZIN — Innervision

LP / ALEXANDRE BAZIN — Innervision

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VINYL LP limited 300 copies (Yellow)

In this album, his third work published on Umor Rex, the french producer Alexandre Bazin takes what he started in Four Steps (Umor Rex 2022) to the maximum point. However, in Innervision, there is no longer that discreet flirtation towards the dance floor. Instead, the ten cuts that make up the album are influenced by musical research and the UK and Berlin electronic scene. Bazin's new proposal revolves around sound textures, saturations, feedback, autosampling, and cut and tuned sounds, allowing new melodic elements to emerge in the process, akin to a live act. While maintaining his minimalist exploration and obsession with melody and structure, Innervision undoubtedly marks a turning point in Bazin's discography. It is epic, compelling, euphoric, utterly enjoyable, and at times violently beautiful.

Composed and mixed by Alexandre Bazin at Château Rouge, Paris. Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll,NY. François Desmoulins played the acoustic drums on Four Steps (Remix). Artwork by Daniel Castrejón in Mexico City.


01 Grow
02 Innervision
03 Capture
04 Push
05 Transient
06 Generated
07 Four Steps (Remix)
08 Movement
09 Messaging
10 Types

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UMOR REX is a window with a unique vision of experimental music. It's a label worth discovering through your ears, both for electronic music lovers and for those curious to explore new forms of artistic expression.

Founded in 2006 in Mexico City, UMOR REX is an independent record label with a challenging and experimental catalog, in vinyl and cassette formats, spanning from ambient to electronic experimentation, dub, and avant-garde. They release the work of artists constantly exploring new sonic territories, such as Felicia Atkinson, Driftmachine, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Gudrun Gut, Siavash Amini, among many others. 

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