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CASS / TÜTH. Transgression

CASS / TÜTH. Transgression

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Released in October 2017 USA

Damon Carruesco left his decade as bassist for Chicago minimalist rockers Disappears in 2015, deciding that experimental music was more his thing and opting to pursue the bold sound of TüTH. With the aim of exploring his own boundaries, potential, and skills as an artist, the atmospheric sounds of "Transgression" are Carruesco's attempt to create atmospheric electronic music that exists outside of "the grid". "Transgression" draws from field recordings and handmade sounds, taking key inspiration from brutalist architecture, the acousmatic music of Romanian composer Iancu Dumitrescu, and the loss of someone very close to the artist. Throughout "Transgression," pulsating tones evolve into cavernous and otherworldly atmospheres, while bass demons clash with much colder synthesizers emitting gloomy melodic patterns. The references for this deeply abstract music are varied, but Carruesco has managed to create a unique and challenging sonic landscape.

All music by Damon Carruesco. Artwork by Daniel Castrejón.

TRACKLIST / 38 min

01 Zero Sum
02 Machines and Speed
03 A Positive Sum
04 A Curved Atmosphere in Muted Light
05 A Weight from Inside Pulls Down
06 Self Reliance
07 Nothing Deletes

Umor Rex album page / Spotify

UMOR REX Is a window with a unique vision towards experimental music. It is a label worth discovering through the ear, both for electronic music lovers and for those curious to explore new forms of artistic expression.

Founded in 2006 in Mexico City, UMOR REX is an independent record label whose challenging and experimental catalog, in vinyl and cassette format, spans from ambient to electronic experimentation, dub, and avant-garde. They release the work of artists in constant exploration of new sound territories, such as Felicia Atkinson, Driftmachine, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Gudrun Gut, Siavash Amini, among many others.

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