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BOOK / E. HESSE - 19. Eva Hesse, de L.R. Lippard

BOOK / E. HESSE - 19. Eva Hesse, de L.R. Lippard

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Art / Critique / History

Eva Hesse was an American sculptor identified within the post-minimalist movement, pioneering the use of materials like latex, fiberglass, and plastic. Hesse was only 34 years old when a brain tumor abruptly ended her work and her life. However, her painting and sculpture have influenced far beyond their initial impact on the art world in the late sixties and early seventies.

In this book, Alias presents the reissue and translation into Spanish of Lucy Lippard's historic work originally published in 1976 about her dear friend Eva Hesse. It provides an intimate and inspiring journey for any reader, allowing an insight into the artist's mind with empathy, making it possible to enjoy the close connection between life and art. Lippard offers an overview of each stage of Hesse's personal and artistic process, including her years as a painter, her time at art school, her early experiments with sculpture, and, of course, her great concern about questioning her experience as a woman in art and the impact of that condition on her work. "Eva Hesse" by Lucy Lippard presents a comprehensive portrait of the life and work of this complex and captivating artist.

"Lucy Lippard has constructed an eloquent and sensitive portrait of Eva Hesse, combining Hesse's diaries and her art with critical analysis. This is a highly memorable book about an important and talented artist, one who lives on in the work of new generations." - Ida Applebroog

"The only way to write about Hesse was to walk that thin and dangerous line between art and life: in other words, to emulate the 'edge' on which she said she walked." - LL

Title: 19. Eva Hesse Author: Lucy R. Lippard Publisher: Editorial Alias Binding: Paperback Format: 14 x 21 cm Number of Pages: ND. Weight: 380 gr. Genre: Art Language: Spanish Printing: Two inks Printed in Mexico


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