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BOOK / JIS - 13. Los manuscritos del Fongus

BOOK / JIS - 13. Los manuscritos del Fongus

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Art / Critique / History

"Los manuscritos del Fongus" by Jis (José Ignacio Solórzano) was originally edited by Colomos in 1983. This book is a compilation of a series of comic strips that the Mexican cartoonist delivered periodically to the "Másomenos" supplement of the "Uno más uno" newspaper in 1981, by the invitation of the cartoonist Bulmaro Castellanos (Magú).

At just sixteen years old, Jis created these fables and short tales that marked a starting point for his explosive career in Mexican cartooning. "It is a drawing still hesitant but overflowing with freshness," notes Bernardo Fernández (Bef). "You can sense an experimental spirit, where Jis would encounter his metaphysical humor, small episodes with dreamlike atmospheres with a great affinity for the absurd and nonsense." - JIS

Title: 13. Los manuscritos del Fongus Author: José Ignacio Solórzano Publisher: Editorial Alias Binding: Paperback Format: 20 x 26 cm Number of Pages: 80 Number of Images: 79 Weight: 320 gr. Genre: Art Language: Spanish Printing: One ink Printed in Mexico

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