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BOOK / M. HERRERA - 6. Melquiades Herrera

BOOK / M. HERRERA - 6. Melquiades Herrera

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Art / Critique / History

Melquiades Herrera (1949-2003) was a multifaceted and irreverent artist. He was a pioneer of performance art in Mexico and a member of the legendary No-Group. He taught geometry, visual education, and design at the Academy of San Carlos, the School of Design of the INBA, and the National School of Fine Arts.

Melquiades Herrera's fascination with everyday objects, his focus on urban popular culture, and his sharp sense of humor made him a unique figure in the late 20th-century art scene. With appearances on television programs like "La Caravana," he transmitted his distinctive way of interpreting the world, and in his writings for magazines or newspapers, he provided witty and biting critiques. Melquiades paid attention to aesthetics not only in galleries and museums but also on the streets and in flea markets.

This publication, coordinated by Sol Henaro, explores Melquiades Herrera's career through photographs, objects, chronicles, essays, and poems authored by him. The artworks, accompanied by contextual notes and testimonies from colleagues and friends, reconstruct an artistic production that, due to its ephemeral nature and institutional omissions, was excluded from the historical narrative but persisted in the memory of several generations. Alias commemorates this edition in 2021 with a new colorful cover to dress the last available copies.

Title: Melquiades Herrera Publisher: Editorial Alias Binding: Hardcover Format: 20 x 25 cm Number of Pages: 352 Number of Images: Not specified Weight: 1,200 gr. Genre: Art Language: Spanish Printing: Four inks Published in Mexico in 2014

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