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BOOK / M. ANDRADE - 25. Resaca tropical

BOOK / M. ANDRADE - 25. Resaca tropical

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Art / Critique / History

Mário de Andrade and Oswald de Andrade (São Paulo, 1893-1945 / 1890-1954) were the intellectual pillars of the modernist revolution in Brazilian literature and art. On the eve of the centenary of the Week of Modern Art in 1922 and with the generous support of the Embassy of Brazil in Mexico, Alias offers its audience a package that commemorates the starting point of Brazilian modernism. "Resaca tropical" (Tropical Hangover) rescues two essential poetic works of the movement: Mário de Andrade's "Paulicea desvariada" – also a hundred years after its publication – and Oswald de Andrade's "Pau-Brasil" (1925), along with his incendiary "Manifesto antropófago" (1928), where the wonderful Tarsila do Amaral joins as an illustrator. Translated into Spanish by Rafael Toriz in a facsimile-style design that preserves the essence of the original editions, these works constitute a tribute from the present devourers to the past cannibals: Tupi or not Tupi (or how to conceive under a different sky the gospel of our Lord Xipe Tótec).

"The emergence of a book like 'Paulicea desvariada' marks a definitive before and after in Latin American literature. It does so not only because of the evident connection between written language and popular speech but, fundamentally, due to a deep need for intellectual independence from European patterns."

"'Pau-Brasil' is a book of criminal beauty, akin to a point-blank shot at a mythological beast that reveals, after the crime, the tongues lurking beneath the Portuguese of Brazil."

– "Against all importers of canned consciousness. The palpable existence of life. And the pre-logical mentality to be studied by Mr. Lévy-Bruhl." -OA

Title: Resaca tropical Authors: Mário de Andrade and Oswald de Andrade Publisher: Editorial Alias Binding: Paperback Format: 20 x 25 cm Number of Pages: 352 Number of Images: Not specified Weight: 350 gr. Genre: Art Language: Spanish Printing: Four inks Published in Mexico in 2014

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