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BOOK / MERIDA 90. Livia Radwanski

BOOK / MERIDA 90. Livia Radwanski

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Art / Photography

Mérida90 is a photographic project that focuses on public housing policy in Mexico City. It portrays the history of a building, the "Edificio América," classified as "structurally high risk." For a year, Livia Radwanski documented the daily life of some of its inhabitants and their conflict with the Housing Institute of the Federal District. The story of this building not only reveals the consequences of a phenomenon typical of large metropolises known as "gentrification" or residential elitism, but also, through the personal stories of those affected, narrates the social changes and hidden displacements in an emblematic neighborhood like La Roma.

Title: Mérida 90
Author: Livia Radwanski
Publisher: Tumbona Ediciones
Binding: Paperback
Format: 10 x 21 cm
Number of pages: ND
Number of images: ND
Weight: ND
Genre: Photography
Language: Spanish
Printing: Four inks
Year: 2018 
Printed in Spain

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