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BOOK / D. TOCA - Sauntering

BOOK / D. TOCA - Sauntering

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Art / Critical / History, Essay, Illustrated

An unsystematic treatise on popular culture, Sauntering is a book about pilgrimage and a pilgrimage in itself. It is conceived as an artistic action of transformative scope that reinterprets Juan Clímaco's mystical scale from the perspectives of experience, tradition, philosophy, and myth.

The Puchi Award is a project by La Casa Encendida and Fulgencio Pimentel that aims to reward the brightest and most innovative book proposals, without giving up on any genre, focusing solely on their audacity and their connection with the various languages of the present. In its third edition, from among more than eight hundred projects submitted in an open call, a jury composed of Leonard Koren (poet, theorist, and editor), Nico Houweling (Idea Books), Lucía Casani (La Casa Encendida), and César Sánchez (Fulgencio Pimentel) decided to award the work Sauntering by Daniel Toca.

Title: Sauntering Author: Daniel Toca Publisher: Fulgencio Pimentel Co-published with La Casa Encendida Binding: Hardcover Format: 17 x 24 cm Number of pages: 304 Number of images: ND Weight: ND Genre: Essay Language: Spanish Printing: Black and white Year of publication: 2019 Printed in Spain

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