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BOOK / PUDRIDERO 3. Johnny Ryan

BOOK / PUDRIDERO 3. Johnny Ryan

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Illustrated, Graphic Novel

Reading Pudridero, one feels to what extent the joy of reading a comic book has to do with contemplating an infinite succession of cause and effect relationships. -Sammy Harkham

As readers, we attend events as if witnessing an accident: we know it's really bad, but we can't look away. -Jot Down

Subliminal readings of Pudridero have been made, preferably sexual ones, looking for coital symbolism in certain forms, a gay erotic allegory, or even as a metaphor for self-acceptance. At this point, and paraphrasing Susan Sontag from "Against Interpretation," we find it hard to resist interpreting works, which often indicates a desire to replace them with something else, the author's crap with our own crap (...). However, as Sontag also proposed, "ideally, interpreters can be circumvented by another route: by creating works of art whose surface is so unified and clean, whose momentum is so great, whose message is so direct, that the work can be... what it is." -Pepo Pérez

Synopsis? There is no synopsis. There are punches like loaves of bread, there's blood, guts, pus, semen, and excrement. There is violence beyond violence. Bad taste, gore, foul language, threats, hatred, and destruction. With this volume, the wildest saga of the comic of the (past) decade concludes, a mix of wrestling spectacle, video game, 80s apocalyptic science fiction movie, children's comic, and aimless manga. -El tío Berni

In previous episodes, our protagonist was thrown by his jailers into a sort of futuristic hell, a barren planet: a pudridero. The most scatological violence began then and developed into something like a plot in the second installment with the arrival of new enemies. The publication of Pudridero confirmed the possibility of underground comics in the 21st century; it became a cult saga, an exhibition was organized around it, and it generated all kinds of analysis and readings, despite being a comic that appeals more to the stomach than the intellect. This volume concludes the saga.

Title: Pudridero 3
Author: Johnny Ryan
Publisher: Fulgencio Pimentel
Co-published with Entrecómics Cómics.
Binding: Hardcover
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Number of pages: 288
Number of images: ND
Weight: ND
Genre: Graphic Novel
Language: Spanish
Printing: Black and white
Year: 2020
Printed in Spain

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