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Large and beautiful two-tone striped design rug, crafted from 100% sheep's wool. These colorful works of art are unique, hand-dyed, and handwoven using a special technique on a pedal loom.

About the loom: The pedal loom, also known as a wooden loom, is an ancestral tool used in textile creation. Its operation involves pedals connected to cords that control the threads of the loom to create complex designs. This method offers efficiency and precision in textile production. An example of its rich tradition can be found in the weavers of Totitlán del Valle in Oaxaca, Mexico, who have maintained this technique for generations, producing textiles with traditional regional designs. Their work is appreciated worldwide, representing a valuable cultural heritage of Mexico.

Artisanally dyed rug. Technique: woven on a pedal loom.
Material: 100% sheep's wool.
Size: 118 x 200 cm.
Approximate weight: 3 kilos.
Origin: Teotitlán, Oaxaca.
Artisan: Alfredo Contreras and family.
Exclusive to Utilitario Mexicano.
Handmade in Mexico.
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