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Each of these drums is a masterpiece of artisanal simplicity and Mexican tradition. It is a testament to the passion and skill of the artisans who create them. The wood selected for construction is smooth and flexible, providing it with warm and authentic resonance, while the skin covering the drum produces a rich and enveloping sound. Every beat, every rhythm that emanates from this instrument carries with it the soul of Mexico and its rich musical heritage.

The small drum is not just a tool for music or a toy but a connection to the country's culture and history. It is an invitation to explore traditional rhythms and to express joy and passion through music present in folk celebrations, family gatherings, or musical performances.

In addition to its musical value, it is a testament to Mexico's commitment to preserving craftsmanship and promoting culture. Each purchase of one of these instruments supports local communities and talented artisans, contributing to the sustainability and flourishing of this ancient tradition.

Singular Object.
Handcrafted Drum.
Four sizes available.
Mini. Small. Medium. Large.
Materials used: Avocado Wood.
Tanned Skin.
Handmade in Mexico.

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