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This unique vest is made from the iconic Mexican sarape and specially designed for Utilitario Mexicano. It features a 100% cotton lining, two spacious interior pockets, and a practical metal closure.

About the Sarape: During the struggle for independence, the sarape became an essential part of the attire of the "chinacos," who were known for their bravery on the battlefield and their distinctive short jackets. Over time, the sarape transformed into a symbol of Mexican identity and pride. Even Maximilian of Habsburg sent a sarape to Napoleon III, which increased its prestige and made it a coveted item by visitors, an exquisite gift from Mexican leaders, and a tribute to Mexico's skilled anonymous weavers. This vest celebrates Mexico's rich textile heritage and its history of bravery and culture.

Singular item.
Saltillo Vest.
Material: Cotton.
One Size: High 55 cm. 21 in.
Chest / Weist: 110 cm. 43 in.
Handmade in Mexico.
Utilitario Mexicano exclusive.

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