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BOOK / "POOLS." Laura Cohen

BOOK / "POOLS." Laura Cohen

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Art / Photography

"Swimming Pools" by Laura Cohen explores the concept of swimming pools as a relatively recent invention, akin to the railway or photography. Like those technologies, it also implies (or perhaps should I say: signifies) man's appropriation of a natural element: water. We knew this before Gaston Bachelard - although the French philosopher helped us understand it -: water in freedom, in motion or stagnant, has been a trigger for archaic phobias embedded in the Western psyche that necessitated control measures.

Laura Cohen gained recognition around 1985 with an exhibition at the OMR Gallery where she presented a series of photographs dedicated to swimming pools, including photographs like "Swimming", which depicts images of pools and garden furniture. These not only demonstrate a formal interest in photographic composition but also refer to moods, with suggestive titles such as "I am alone" (1984) or "I want to escape" (1984). Thus, images in which the viewer can indulge in the abstract design of lines formed by the shadows of a chair, or the floor tiles, for example, take on another meaning when reflecting on the psychological possibilities offered by the title.

Author: Laura Cohen
Size: 16 x 13 cm
Binding: Hardcover
Genre: Art
Weight: 180 grams
Language: Spanish
Publisher: CONACULTA
Year: 2005
Pages: 64

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