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BOOK / LAS CONDICIONES... Graciela Iturbide

BOOK / LAS CONDICIONES... Graciela Iturbide

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Art / Photography

"THE FLIGHT OF BIRDS. We have forgotten so many things today, in our time. We accept the existing as singular truth; we are unable to link one thing with another. For example, life with death, animals with the meat we eat, the virgin with the young woman for whom her religion meant freedom, the acoustic reference line of our cities with the countless engines roaring day and night. However, we are still able to associate the singing of birds with the mythical creatures that produce it. That was not always the case, or rather, it never was.." - Corinna Koch "The conditions of the solitary bird are five.

The first, that it goes to the highest; The second, that it suffers no company, even of its kind; The third, that it thrusts its beak into the air; The fourth, that it has no definite color; The fifth, that it sings softly." - Juana Inés de la Cruz


Author: Graciela Iturbide
Size: 16 x 13 cm
Binding: Hardcover
Genre: Art
Weight: 180 grams
Language: Spanish
Publisher: CONACULTA
Year: 2013
Pages: 64

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