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BOOK / ARTE NUEVO... Ulises Carrión

BOOK / ARTE NUEVO... Ulises Carrión

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Art / Essay

Ulises Carrión (Veracruz, 1941-Amsterdam, 1989) is the most innovative art theorist and post-literary writer to have been born in Mexico. A creator of complex contexts and visionary theories for his time -- and for ours -- he even preceded conceptual writers. Not only did he foreshadow new currents in artist books, but he also criticized this practice within its soft tradition. He explicitly announced the theory of the end of the book, long before the advent of the internet and the e-book, and his notion of art as a cultural strategy is one of the most provocative of recent decades. The art of making books gathers for the first time in Spanish (and in the most complete edition in any language) his writings and lectures on a new way of understanding the making and practice of the book as a whole, in which each book creates its particular conditions of reading. Disbelieving in common books -- sensing their obsolescence -- Carrión judged it necessary to end them once and for all, but, as he himself pointed out, "for the sake of coherence, this had to be done through books."

Author: Ulises Carrión
Size: 34 x 24 cm
Binding: Softcover
Genre: Art
Weight: 280 grams
Language: Spanish
Publisher: Conaculta
Year: 2012
Pages: 180

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