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CASS / GOOD WILLSMITH. 14 Years of Desperate Research

CASS / GOOD WILLSMITH. 14 Years of Desperate Research

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Good Willsmith — 14 Years of Desperate Research
Release March 2014

"14 Years of Desperate Research" documents Good Willsmith's live performances shortly after their formation in 2012. The two sessions on the album showcase the band in a period of dense drone improvisation infused with metal and noise, predating their experiments with sampling physical media and extratextual spoken word elements. "Documents that you don't understand" expands on traces of endless sustain and bass derived from Max Allison's oscillator, merging Natalie Chami's looped vocal mantras and Doug Kaplan's piercing guitar highs into a damaged assault of high frequency. On side B, "No one wants to end up with memory," Kaplan and Allison sustain minutes-long loops of howling white noise and bass brutality while Chami's vocals and synth leads intertwine through the layered textures.

Recorded live in a single session by Maxwell Allison, Natalie Chami, and Doug Kaplan. Presented without overdubs. Recorded and mixed by Doug Kaplan. Artwork by Daniel Castrejón.

TRACKLIST / 43 min

01 Documents that you don t understand
02 No-one wants to end up with memory

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