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BOOK / "TIPS FOR LITTLE GIRLS." M. Twain, V. Radunsky

BOOK / "TIPS FOR LITTLE GIRLS." M. Twain, V. Radunsky

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Illustrated Story / Children's

"If your mother asks you to do something, it's not right to say no to her. It's better and more convenient to make her understand that you will do what she orders, and then proceed discreetly according to the dictates of your wise judgment." This is one of the pieces of advice Mark Twain gives in this small yet significant work, written in 1865 and published in 1867, where he truly lives up to the New York Times' designation as "the greatest American humorist of his age." In a series of politically incorrect recommendations, Twain encourages young girls to ignore the restrictions imposed by society and to think for themselves, cleverly setting aside the expectations of their elders. This work, seemingly simple, delves into the depths of the human condition, surprising with its combination of irreverence and tenderness. It is beautifully illustrated in this edition by the artist Vladimir Radunsky, who has captured the perfect tone of humor, wit, and delicacy for which the great American writer is remembered in the annals of literary history.

Author: Mark Twain
Illustrations: Vladimir Radunsky
Translation: Raquel Vicedo
Year of publication: 2014
Edition: 1st
Format: Hardcover
Genre: Illustrated
Pages: 28
Size: 17 x 24 cm
Weight: 270 grams
Language: Spanish

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