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CASS / YVES MALONE. The beginning of nothing

CASS / YVES MALONE. The beginning of nothing

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Yves Malone
The Beginning of Nothing
Release May 2020

In just a few short years and with a handful of releases, the Canadian producer better known as Yves Malone has earned a reputation. In The Beginning of Nothing, he continues to work with many layers of analog synthesizers and a keen sense of drum machines to create atmospheres and textures drawn from the collective fears of the late 20th century towards a dystopian future. Created as a sort of score for an internal elegy, Yves Malone creates soundtracks of fear, regret, and the daily resignation that is his conscious life, an effort to isolate and deny this anxiety, which is a constant and unwanted companion. Primarily sequenced with vintage working equipment, The Beginning of Nothing attempts to extract some beauty from a landscape that is quickly darkening.

All tracks by Yves Malone. Mastered by John Daniel at Skyline Mastering. Illustration by Daniel Castrejón.

TRACKLIST / 42 min

01 Expressway to Babylon
02 I Lay in Darkness, Listening
03 I Eat Your Face
04 Awake in a Beautiful Place
05 White Horse is the Angels Mouth
06 Home Before the War
07 Cheers to Hell

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