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LP / SAFIYYA. Shareek Hayaat

LP / SAFIYYA. Shareek Hayaat

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Safiyya — Shareek Hayaat
Release November 2013

"Shareek Hayaat" is the second album by Safiyya, the duo formed by Brad Rose and Pat Murano. Brad Rose is the head of Digitalis label, and is also known for his work as The North Sea, Charlatan, and Altar Eagle. Pat Murano, head of Kelippah Records, has also worked under the name Decimus, and as a member of the venerable No Neck Blues Band.

When Max Ernst said that the forest was a supernatural insect and a slate, Pat Murano and Brad Rose were not yet born, but this strange pair of fine woodcutters would prove his point with sounds. What kind of sounds? Electronic and organic, sounds derived from the intricate and layered process one can expect from wizards like Brad Rose and Pat Murano. Do you need to speak Arabic to decipher their stuff? Maybe... The title of each track seems to allude to some kind of archetype and describe a stage in some kind of ritual. Maybe there's a specific meaning tied to the words, but feel free to project your own. The important thing is to realize that some kind of dark rite is happening in the deepest part of the forest (or the desert), and Murano and Rose are the ones setting the mood and disorienting the senses. Amateur mediums need not apply. This is how spirits are invoked and directed through sound; this indeterminate musical object is the real deal. Let's say Music is a walled country and Noise is the wild and barbaric land where cartographers fear to tread. In between, there's a wild and dark forest, a forest of terror and wonder: that's Safiyya, that's Shareek Hayaat. You can imagine it as a shapeshifting picture of the forest as a supernatural insect, scribbled on a slate with the alchemy of musical and non-musical instruments. If you like brilliance with your weirdness, and would like to take a journey to the land between music and noise, this one's for you.

All music by Brad Rose and Pat Murano. Photos by Diego Berruecos. Design by Daniel Castrejón.

TRACKLIST / 40 min

01 The rejection and betrayal of Khairiah, the crone
02 The devotion and sacrifice of Amal, the maiden

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