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Félicia Atkinson — Visions/Voices
Release March 2013

Ah, the canyons of the mind... how they resonate and rumble! Here we have eight of them, some resembling long exhausted songs, stalked by the sounds of small accidents and deep tremors; others are more abstract than that, without windy voice, without extended melody, only unsettling soundscapes that evoke many things, all of them drowned. Felicia Atkinson can evoke some extremely spacious ghost towns. Visions/Voices brings together three years of work, previously released on highly limited run cassettes and CD-Rs, now mastered by James Plotkin and released under the Umor Rex banner. Her cobweb-covered attic contains a strange collection of subtly unbalanced and out-of-tune musical instruments; a piano, a Celtic harp, some guitars, keyboards, electronics, and a female voice deeply lost in the forest... each of these elements sounds like a tangle of morbidly sensitive strings, dust, raw nerves, and ectoplasm. Somehow, it all feels intimate and cryptic, like a very intimate crypt, yes, or like the X-ray of an open blue sky. After traveling with this album, you might feel like saying "I have been to the land of Solitude. It is a sky made of gauze, full of ghosts."


Felicia Atkinson is a visual artist and experimental musician born in 1981 in Paris and based in Brussels. Her music is a combination of intertwined improvisation and composition, like abstract and mysterious material, where voice meets electronics, acoustic instruments, and electric distortions.

Her varied repertoire, from tapes to vinyl records, through CDs and CD-Rs, has been previously released by labels such as Home Normal, Hibernate, Spekk, Cooper Cult of Fluid Audio, and also radio pieces for French cultural radio. She also performs and records under the alias Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier (aguirre/shelter press/sic sic tapes).

Her musical performances have traveled to different places around the world since 2006, from rock venues to museums, such as Worm in Rotterdam, Occi in Amsterdam, Wiels in Brussels, MSK in Ghent, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, MCA in Chicago, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Synchronicity Space in Los Angeles, Huguenaut Haus in Kassel, or an old Buddhist temple near Hiroshima.

Written and performed by Félicia Atkinson. Mastered by James Plotkin. Design by Daniel Castrejón.

TRACKLIST / 70 min

01 This Impermanent Gold
02 Hooves Drummed
03 Infant Vampire
04 All the roads are circular
05 Entomology
06 The Owls
07 Franny
08 Badlands

Umor Rex album page

UMOR REX es una ventana con una visión única hacia la música experimental. Es un sello que vale la pena descubrir a través del oído, tanto para amantes de la música electrónica como para aquellos curiosos que deseen explorar nuevas formas de expresión artística.

Fundado en 2006 en la Ciudad de México, UMOR REX es un sello discográfico independiente cuyo catálogo desafiante y experimental, en formato vinilo y casete, abarca desde el ambient hasta la experimentación electrónica, el dub y el avant-garde. Publican el trabajo de artistas en constante exploración de nuevos territorios sonoros, como Felicia Atkinson, Driftmachine, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Gudrun Gut, Siavash Amini, entre muchos otros.

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