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Classic Readings for Children represents one of the highlights of the educational project of the Mexican Revolution. The two volumes of this work—prepared by a team of artists and intellectuals under the direction of José Vasconcelos and published in massive print runs in 1924—bring together adaptations of canonical texts from all over the world and from all eras, directed at children. These include works from the Vedas of India to pre-Hispanic myths, medieval songs, Shakespeare, and Wagner. Besides being anthologies of great literary value, the Readings are an invaluable document of the spirit of cultural renewal that Vasconcelos promoted during his brief but prolific tenure at the newly founded Secretariat of Public Education. The texts were adapted by notable literary figures such as Gabriela Mistral, Jaime Torres Bodet, Palma Guillén, José Gorostiza, Salvador Novo, and Xavier Villaurrutia, with beautiful original illustrations by Roberto Montenegro and Gabriel Fernández Ledesma, two of the visual artists closest to Vasconcelos during those years.

Alias offers the public a facsimile edition of this great compilation with a new interactive design, dividing the two original volumes into eight thematic booklets. Additionally, it includes a color sheet that encourages cutting and pasting the stickers onto the watermarks accompanying the texts. Organized within a commemorative box for its centenary, these Classic Readings for Children are both a collector's item and a fun way to introduce children to literature.

“At the heart of this universalist conception was a sincere humanism: the belief that all human beings, regardless of their historical moment or geographic origin, share a series of concerns and experiences that, in a certain sense, make them brothers” –Nicolás Medina Mora.

Author: Various
Number of Pages: 808
Size: 14 x 21.5 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Genre: Literature
Language: Spanish
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Alias
Co-edition: Ninety Nine Records
Year: 2024

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