Alias publishes contents considers valuable references in contemporary art. Creations that have not been translated and disseminated in Spanish, or whose previous editions are discontinued or have never been distributed in Mexico. The publishing house was conceived by Damián Ortega as a platform for the circulation of writings that come directly from the artists' pens or were transcribed from interviews or lectures. Alias publications stand out for an independent and subjective selection of titles, each fundamental to Damián Ortega's own learning process. He sees this project as a vehicle for generating and sharing knowledge based on individual needs and interests. For Alias, the book is a kind of public sculpture that spreads virally, organically and mutantly occupying collective and private spaces. The book as sculpture.

Alias aims to maintain a simple and economic approach compared to the abundance of art books on the market while emphasizing the relationship between content and the appearance of each book with careful design coherent with its objectives. The project has channeled its production through various distribution channels to reach new readers. Its primary goal is to enrich the contemporary art and publishing scene in Mexico by promoting artists' work, making it more accessible to students, art enthusiasts, and interested readers while demystifying it.

The publishing house also engages with Mexican contemporary art through its collection "Antítesis," composed of self-published editions on outstanding and unconventional artists and thinkers whose work has remained independent from official environments. This collection aims to provide the public with an alternative narrative of Mexican art, separate from conventional norms.

Alias is an independent and self-managed project that doesn't rely on grants but on the support of its buyers, editors, translators, and designers, who have contributed their effort and dedication to sustain it beyond personal interests, thereby creating a community committed to the development of art in Mexico.